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The wealthiest of the world are a fascinating demographic. From billion dollar wedding packages, to million dollar birthday parties, from Illusionists flown in from Spain, flowers imported from Mexico, or a celebrity flown in from the United States.

Over the top 'Celebrations' is a trend among the Ultra-Rich, they hire ingenious event planners, also labeled as 'Extraordinairè' managing multimillion dollar budgets, creating buzz worthy weddings and parties, procuring impossible-to-get to public museums, collaborating with famous chefs and artists, discovering unexplored destinations and eccentric venues around the world.

Any business involving the affluent few is an inflation-proof business. In fact, it is price-insensitive. Planners Xtraordinaire show is a closed door boutique platform, that has a strong vetting process to ensure you get to network with only leading planners from upto 30 countries around the world and represent your services as the best in business on a global stage.

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